19 x 19mm inductors handle a lot of current

19 x 19mm inductors handle a lot of currentVishay Intertechnology has introduced a commercial IHLP low profile (7mm) high current composite Inductor in 7575 (19 x 19mm) case size, claiming it to be an industry first.

Operating at up to 155°C for computer, telecom and industrial applications, the IHLP 7575GZ-51 offers up to 30% lower dc resistance and up to 35% higher current compared with devices in 6767 cases, and 50% lower cost than devices 8787 devices, according to the company.

It is optimised for energy storage in dc-dc converters up to 2MHz, and high current filtering applications (up to the self-resonant frequency).

Construction is a 100 % Pb-free shielded composite “that reduces buzz noise to ultra low levels”, said the company, which also claims high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, and mechanical shock.

The device is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and ‘Vishay Green’.

Use if foreseen in notebooks, desktops, servers, point-of-load converters, distributed power systems and with FPGAs.

Case size 7575
19 x 19 x 7mm
Inductance 0.56 – 33µH
dc res typ 1.02 – 25.2mΩ
dc res max 1.09 – 27mΩ
Heat rating 10.2 – 61A for ∆T ~40°C
Saturation 9.9 – 70A(~L-20%)
4.3 – 101A(~L-30%)
SRF 4.4 – 50MHz


Author: Yoyokuo