2013-06-15 10:40 Long-term development of stone engraving machine

2013-06-15 10:40Long-term development of stone engraving machine

Stone carving has a long history, dating back to the Neolithic, Shang and Zhou dynasties stone carving art matures, stone carving art of the Qin and Han to the Tang Dynasty is the peak phase, the birth of a great many people pay homage to the stone boutique, mighty and majestic in the hole Bing toilet, exquisite perfect Buddha statue, tall vigorous Zhaolingliujun, superb arch bridge relief Ssangyong offering beads etc world famous, known as the pearl of the treasure house of human history. With the social development and progress, stone engraving machine was born, and the increasingly wide range of applications, a simple engraving machine can not meet the needs of the community, as well as Cnc Machining process changes the rapid development of technology, more new stone carving machine, bulls ATC engraving machine and other high-end engraving machine come out.

Stone engraving machine is a very high demands on the expertise of professional CNC machinery and equipment, which consists of mechanical engraving machine bed, electrical circuitry, the system controller card, control software, programming, design software, each of which can not be part of a small one, in which mechanical bed part is the maximum value of the stone engraving machine part, it is the normal use and carving precision mechanical basis for this standard for the entire machine like the human skeleton based on the car’s chassis. Current people’s aesthetic constantly changing, more respect for nature, focusing on beautiful, more focus on health, pollution-free, pollution-free, natural stone with its gorgeous colors, stable physical and chemical properties and good processing performance in architectural decoration, craft products and other aspects of a large number of applications, including relief for interior decoration, characterization, picture frames, engraved pane, fireplace facings and other fine carving products developing rapidly, is toward art, gentrification, the direction of large-scale applications, However, the market specialized products for the processing of flat carving few devices, CNC stone machine stone carving products developed automated efficient processing of the foundation, the next step as technology continues to develop, the continuous progress of human knowledge, the high-end CNC machinery instead of manual is the inevitable trend of social development.
Jinan River CNC production of "GANGER" and "triple" brand high-end stone engraving machine has a high precision, cutting intensity, durable, automatic tool change, high efficiency many advantages, and easy to operate, good product quality, stable performance, cost-effective, widely used in marble, granite, tombstone, jade and other stone and glass, plastic, acrylic, metal and non-metal engraving and cutting, applicable to all industry sectors, loved by the users and trust.

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