2013-09-02 17:09 Promote the development of the advertising industry

2013-09-02 17:09Promote the development of the advertising industry

Today’s society, advertising engraving machine has become an important processing tool industry as following the cutting plotter, inkjet machine after the third-generation advertising processing equipment, we should see that social progress, science and technology in development, and only keeping technology the pace of development, seize market opportunities in order to remain invincible.

With the growing number of construction projects throughout the range gradually expanded, the use of advertising products is also increasing, so the market is an urgent need for high-quality, high efficiency of advertising engraving equipment to meet the needs of carving industry, we can say now carving industry has entered maturity, relatively rapid development, but also on advertising engraving machine equipment put forward higher requirements, requirements engraving machine performance to be more stable, the actual work faster, higher material utilization, scalable stronger, the scope of broader. Of course, the user must choose a suitable for their own development, and equipment to meet the needs of the market, to adapt to the needs of market competition, because competition between the companies is ultimately a competition in which they have sophisticated equipment, technology, competition, and engraving machine is with a certain technology content of machinery and equipment, and then the inevitable failure is the lower end of the engraving machine failure rate will be higher. Engraver machine fails during the warranty period, customers need to pay a certain loss of working costs, customer loss costs, etc. Then there are the low-end of its working efficiency engraving machine will be relatively low.
Jinan River CNC As a professional manufacturer of CNC equipment in recent years to develop high-end advertising engraving machine, after years of research and development and continued investment, the company produced "GANGER" brand advertising and gradually formed its own unique advantages, with more than a dozen of the Habitat International the same industry-leading level of advertising engraving machine, stable performance, smooth running, high precision, low energy consumption, widely used in various types of advertising decoration industry, to promote the development of the advertising industry has played a positive role in promoting.

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