About three-process woodworking cnc router,what should we know Upload to:07-29 2020

Nowadays, woodworking cnc router are more and more widely used in our lives. With the development of economy, our living standard has greatly improved, the role of woodworking cnc router is becoming more and more obvious, especially in some wood, plastic, granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and other stone carvings. Woodworking cnc router is the most common in carving industry. So, about three-process woodworking cnc router, what should we know?

The three-process woodworking cnc router is mainly used for various wood, acrylic, PVC, resin and other materials. It can engrave characters, patterns, characters on the materials, and can also cut, hollow, etc., which can make it more beautiful and valuable. Woodworking cnc router can be applied to the wood industry, advertising signs, furniture manufacturing, toy gift manufacturing, etc.

The three-process woodworking cnc router can engrave various high-precision products, the smallest can engrave to 1mm of English letters or numbers, 2mm of Chinese characters, high engraving accuracy, smooth engraving without burrs.

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