About us

PINTEJIN company is mainly engaged in the processing of various metal profile pipe bending, research and development, production and sales of various CNC roll bending equipment. The company was established by a group of people with lofty ideals with many years of roll bending experience, dedicated to the promotion and research of high-end precision bending technology.
The company has complete bending equipment, with multiple different types of bending equipment for pipe bending, such as two-dimensional CNC rolling machine, three-dimensional CNC rolling machine, pipe bending machine, CNC lathe, milling machine and other ancillary equipment, to undertake all kinds of metal Profile bending business, such as stainless steel bends, door and window bends, elliptical roll bends, three-dimensional luggage rack bends, square tube stretch bends, I-steel (H steel) top bends and other special-shaped aluminum profile bends and bends.

PINTEJIN’s self-developed and produced round bending equipment is mainly divided into two types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models with different tonnages, which can fully meet the different bending needs of customers. The company is committed to the research and development of high-precision bending equipment. All equipment adopts CNC control system instead of PLC control system, which makes the calculation speed of the equipment faster (only fast enough calculation speed can ensure the stability of the workpiece.), and the control accuracy is higher. , Stability, more sufficient memory, more reasonable algorithm, adopts all-position servo closed-loop control, and the operation accuracy of the equipment is as high as ±0.01mm (measurable test), which is the highest level in the country. As we all know, the higher the precision (running precision) of the Y axis, the higher the forming precision of the workpiece. The company’s products are widely used in high-speed rail, aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive industry, bathroom hardware, lighting, construction engineering, doors and windows, curtain walls, car luggage racks, subways, wind power, pipelines and other fields.

We introduce and absorb the world’s leading technology, then make innovations, and gather high-tech talents to ensure the stable development of the company’s industry and maintain long-term competitive advantages. We work down-to-earth and sincerely make friends all over the world. Friends are welcome to visit and inspect.