AC/DC units reduce costs and offer high efficiencies

The new AC/DC product series TAD30-P, TAD65-P, and TAD125 from Luso Electronics can offer high peak power to satisfy the demands of temporary high load situations in industrial and communication applications, including electric tools, electric beds/chairs, printers, and other electric motor-powered equipment.

The new series offers a flexible combination of electrical and thermal performance that gives up to ten seconds, 1.3 times the peak load tolerance, and supports operation in a natural air-cooled environment. This may effectively lessen costs due to not being necessary to choose a higher output power module to cover short term peak power demands.

The operating temperature range of the series is -40C to +85C and provides high efficiencies of up to 92%. This high efficiency indicates higher reliability and decreased system heat dissipation demands. A useful feature is that the voltage output is adjustable, up to +/-10%.

This series provides low standby power consumption, a total programme of protection functions, 3000VAC reinforced isolation, and can run at up to an altitude of 5,000m.

The TAD125 and TAD65-P series are offered in four formats, open frame, u-chassis, fully enclosed and a DIN rail format. The TAD30-P are open frame. All models are certificated by IEC/ EN/ UL 62368-1.

Author: Yoyokuo