Advantages of Solar Road Studs

1. High Brightness

The brightness of ordinary reflective road stud is only 300 MCD to 400 MCD, while the brightness of solar road studs can be up to 2000 MCD, which is 6 to 7 times of the former. The road delineation can be shown in foggy weather and the twist in the road to guide drivers more safely and effectively. As the solar road studs are extremely bright, they need to be put much farther apart from one another, almost twice the distance when compared to Cat Eyes, thus lesser units are required which further reduce cost by 50%.

2. Economical and Self Sustainable

The Solar Road Studs have solar rechargeable batteries/capacitor and operate automatically without any external power source nor do they require huge expenditure in setting up electrical infrastructure which prevents burden on State exchequer. They can be easily deployed in remote areas where electric supply is not available or is not feasible. Thus, it is an economical alternative to expensive street lighting.

3. Reduction and Prevention of Accidents

Since the increased reaction time to navigate the vehicle would result in avoidance of sudden braking & last minute vehicle maneuvers (most common cause of road mishaps), then solar road studs can be used to improve road delineation, particularly effective at night or in poor / bad weather conditions as bright LEDs penetrates through fog or mist and provide over 800m visibility. This enhances visibility and / or cautions the driver of any hazards well in advance.

4. Active Emission and Dynamic Warning

Solar road studs flicker in some frequency at night with strong dynamic warning effect. Active emission of solar road studs can not only prevent mist interference in the largest extent, but get rid of the dependence of the drivers on car lights with farther and better visual distance. The use of the headlight main beam is reduced to a great extent because of better and farther visibility of the roads which avoids any inconvenience to the oncoming drivers or passengers.

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