After leaving Huawei, what development problems does the glory of independent survival face?

The long-disturbed Glory was sold and finally the dust settled. Since then, the Glory mobile phone needs to rely on its own strength to break through the market. However, without the light of Huawei, it is not easy for the independent Glory to survive and develop in the smartphone market.

After leaving Huawei, what development problems does the glory of independent survival face?

Intense competition in the domestic market

China’s smartphone market has entered a mature stage, not only did not grow, but continued to decline. In the third quarter, smartphone shipments in the Chinese market fell by 14% again. The shrinking market has forced Chinese mobile phone companies to strengthen competition.

The data in the third quarter shows that among the top five in the domestic market, only Xiaomi has achieved a positive growth of 8%. difficult.

In order to win the chance of survival and development, the price war between domestic mobile phone companies has been particularly fierce this year. Xiaomi mobile phones have continuously launched 5G mobile phones with record low prices since the end of last year. Recently, the fast-growing realme launched the Realme Q2 series. The price of 5G mobile phones is further reduced to less than 1,000 yuan, and realme has also achieved sales growth. It is estimated that realme and Xiaomi may be the only mobile phone brands that have achieved growth in the domestic mobile phone market.

After leaving Huawei, what development problems does the glory of independent survival face?

Under such circumstances, the independent development of the Honor mobile phone to obtain a chance to survive is bound to join the price war and compete with them in the low-end mobile phone market. Previously, due to the glory of Huawei, the price of the Honor mobile phone was significantly higher than that of Xiaomi and realme. It seems that the good days of mobile phone companies are really going away from glory.

Few achievements in overseas markets

Under the fierce competition in the domestic market, domestic mobile phone companies have been targeting overseas markets a few years ago, hoping to obtain opportunities for survival and development by expanding overseas markets. Among them, Xiaomi has done the best.

Xiaomi has already attacked overseas markets as early as 2014. At that time, the mobile phone company only launched mobile phone products for more than 2 years. It can be seen that Xiaomi’s ambition is not small. In 2015, Xiaomi once ranked among the top five in the Indian market, but then quickly fell into a trough and fell out of the top five in the Indian market.

After leaving Huawei, what development problems does the glory of independent survival face?

However, Xiaomi was not discouraged. After two years of adjustment, it achieved growth again in 2017. In the third quarter of 2017, it surpassed Samsung in the Indian smartphone market and won the first place. With its success in the Indian market, Xiaomi began to It has made rapid progress in overseas emerging markets, and now it has entered the European market with strict intellectual property management. Due to its success in overseas markets, Xiaomi’s overseas shipments accounted for 70% of the total, becoming one of the top four domestic mobile phones in overseas markets. The mobile phone brand with the highest proportion of shipments.

Today, the top four domestic mobile phones have all occupied a large market share in overseas markets, and the market of Honor under the cover of Huawei’s wings is mainly in the domestic market. As other Chinese mobile phone brands have established positions in overseas markets, it is naturally much more difficult for Honor to expand overseas markets.

The glory of a new departure faces difficulties

In the face of these difficulties, Glory, which has just entered a new stage, still faces many problems. The first is the running-in problem between the current management of the Honor brand and the new shareholders. They are bound to spend a lot of time coordinating the interests of all parties and unifying the company’s strategic goals; the second is to solve the supply problem of chips. Whether it can obtain chips from chip companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek determines its survival. Even if it can obtain the supply of chips, it will take time to solve related problems.

At present, Xiaomi and realme are grabbing more shares in the domestic market. During the time when Honor solves its own problems, it will undoubtedly provide more opportunities for these mobile phone companies to seize more markets, and Honor’s market share will continue to shrink. When it comes to Honor’s own problems It is estimated that its market share has shrunk considerably when it is resolved.

At that time, Glory will not have much stronger advantages than a start-up company, and it will cost a lot of money to expand the market, and whether shareholders who have already paid 100 billion in cash are still willing to continue to invest will become a new problem. There are too many uncertainties for a new company to develop in the smartphone market.

Author: Yoyokuo