Allegro pioneers first back-magnetic GMR gearbox speed and direction sensor with 50% larger air gap

Manchester, NH, USA – Allegro MicroSystems (Allegro), a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy saving systems, announces the ATS19580, the industry’s first fully integrated, back-biased giant magnetoresistive (GMR) Transmission speed and direction sensor. The ATS19580 enables the highest system performance in transmission applications while reducing system size, complexity and cost, and improving system fuel economy.

Combining GMR technology with Allegro’s leading transmission algorithms and unique packaging, the ATS19580 is the highest performing transmission sensor to date, with key features including:

Maximum dynamic range of working air gap (50% increase)

· Industry-leading anti-vibration performance

· Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection

Robust immunity to common mode stray fields

“By integrating Allegro’s proprietary GMR technology and industry-leading digital processing on a single chip, we have set a new standard for transmission speed sensing, enabling the highest system performance,” said Peter Wells, Director of Allegro’s Speed ​​Sensor Business Unit. “With the industry’s best vibration resistance, the ATS19580 can accommodate larger sensing air gaps, simplifying customer speed sensor integration and enabling them to design safe, fuel-efficient systems.”

Helps meet today’s demanding fuel efficiency standards

As the automotive industry continues to drive more efficient fuel consumption and CO2 reduction, Allegro is also leading the way with innovative and energy-efficient solutions such as the ATS19580.

Compared to existing Hall solutions, the GMR technology employed in the ATS19580 increases performance and extends the air gap capability, providing greater installation flexibility. This flexibility is critical to the automotive industry, reducing system size, which in turn reduces costs for automakers and improves fuel economy.

Fully integrated solution improves performance and ease of use

Monolithic integration not only enables the highest levels of system performance such as vibration immunity and dynamic air gaps, and precise orientation detection, but also enables the integration of ICs, magnets and protection components easily through the use of injection molded module packages. Allegro’s advanced digital algorithms built into the ATS19580 enable flexible design and system compensation.

This back-magnet IC is available in a lead-free 3-pin single-in-line (SIP) package (suffix SN) with a tin-plated lead frame.

The ATS19580 complements Allegro’s recently introduced ATS19420 and ATS19520 fully integrated Hall-effect gearbox speed sensors, as well as Allegro’s non-back-magnetic Hall-effect and GMR product line for a wide range of magnetic target sensing. Allegro will also introduce another GMR transmission speed sensor, the ATS19480. All of the above ICs provide customers with the broadest portfolio of transmission speed sensors on the market today. These devices also reflect Allegro’s more than 20 years of application experience in the automotive industry and The accumulation of technological advances and a direct response to the needs of today’s automakers.

For data sheets and more details on Allegro’s innovative family of transmission speed sensors, including the ATS19580, visit For pricing of the ATS19580 or to request samples, please contact Allegro Shanghai or your local office.

Author: Yoyokuo