American NI Instruments (NI) debuted at the 4th China International Import Expo, connecting the technology ecosystem with an open platform to accelerate collaborative innovation

Shanghai, China, November 5, 2021 – The 4th China International Import Expo kicked off today. NI Instruments (NI) will present the world’s leading automated test measurement and analysis technologies and solutions at this exhibition. This exhibition is the first appearance of NI Instruments (NI) in the China International Import Expo, and it is also another important measure to deepen the Chinese market after the establishment of the “NI China Innovation and Development Center” in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in August this year. , a landmark. With the help of the open exchange platform of the China International Import Expo, NI has fully demonstrated its innovation strength and collaborative development achievements in the field of automated testing, measurement, and analysis, and continued to empower the high-quality development of ecological partners and industrial clusters. of continuous growth.

At the exhibition, NI Instruments (NI) focused on showing open software platforms and modular instruments. Facing the development requirements of the new era of “carbon neutrality”, focusing on strategic emerging industries such as semiconductors, autonomous driving, 5G/6G communications, life sciences, etc., the software connection method of NI Instruments (NI), combined with the world’s leading data collection and analysis It can create a complete enterprise-level data chain and insight process, and become the underlying data technology platform for digital transformation; as an innovation connector for different industries and applications, it fundamentally helps engineers and scientists achieve efficient innovation.

Zhu Jun, general manager of NI China Innovation and Development Center, said: “The CIIE is a platform for open cooperation and opportunity sharing. We are honored to participate in this global trade event with the core capabilities of scientific and technological innovation. NI) is an important part of the global strategic layout. We regard the CIIE as an important opportunity for Display and communication, and we also look forward to taking this opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the local industrial ecology and scientific research ecology, relying on NI’s open technology platform , as the innovation organizer and technology provider of original innovation and core technology, and cooperate with China’s local science and technology ecology to create a source of original technology.”

Author: Yoyokuo