Ams’ new highly integrated laser floodlight module makes 3D functions such as face recognition or rear camera enhancement easier

China, March 5, 2020-Ams semiconductor (ams AG, Swiss stock exchange stock code: AMS), the world’s leading provider of high-performance sensor solutions and a leader in the field of 3D facial recognition in the mobile market, announced today that Introduced a new (IR) laser flood illuminator module—Merano Hybrid, which uses an ultra-small package module and integrates all the optoelectronic components of the (IR) laser flood illuminator and the drive element of the vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) Driver). OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) can use this module to realize popular 3D functions more easily. This is the latest innovation and product portfolio expansion carried out by ams to meet the market needs of global customers, and it is also the embodiment of ams semiconductor’s leadership in the field of 3D recognition technology.

The 2W Merano-Hybrid with high photoelectric conversion rate is suitable for the latest 3D sensing technologies, including time-of-flight and structured light solutions. Face recognition, augmented reality, 3D object scanning, 3D image rendering, and other industrial and automotive applications will all benefit from the use of Merano Hybrid.

Lukas Steinmann, general manager of ams’ 3D sensing, modules and solutions business line, said: “Thanks to ams’ unique expertise in the field of advanced optoelectronics technology, the Merano Hybrid module is the smallest integrated VCSEL driver in the world. Laser flood illuminator system, and has been mass-produced. Now, mobile phone manufacturers can greatly reduce the time and risk required to develop 3D functions, using this market-proven high-performance flood lighting solution to achieve them Required features.”

How to realize 3D function while reducing development risk?

This flood illuminator from ams includes a laser transmitter, a laser-controlling driver, an optical lens, and a light homogenizing sheet that shapes the beam. It also has various safety and protection functions, and can provide adjusted output of reflected light.

In the past, OEMs had to assemble multiple discrete optoelectronic components into a dedicated subsystem when producing floodlights. This is a difficult design and production engineering task.

Today, with the introduction of Merano Hybrid, OEMs can use only this device to replace previous subsystems based on multiple discrete optoelectronic devices. The module is only 3.7mm thick and 5.5mm x 3.6mm in area. It can be directly mounted and saves a lot of space, making it easier to place the floodlight system in mobile devices.

Ams also built a special photodiode and interlock circuit in the Merano Hybrid module for the human eye safety monitoring function. This greatly reduces the amount of additional engineering required for OEMs to obtain Level 1 Eye Safety Certification.

Merano Hybrid integrates advanced vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) and precision on-chip optical components for beam shaping and scattering. The ultra-low power consumption performance achieved can reduce battery power consumption of mobile devices and further simplify system power management .

Clearer and more detailed depth maps for advanced 3D applications

The optimized Merano Hybrid combines a high-efficiency VCSEL transmitter and a high-frequency laser driver for mobile 3D applications. This module supports very fast laser output modulation, thereby supporting advanced applications that require higher accuracy and detailed 3D depth maps. For example, a major Android smartphone manufacturer has used this technology to determine depth and distance to further improve the photographic performance of the rear camera. When used with pre-loaded real-time video and measurement applications, customers can blur the background in real time while shooting the video, and add more creativity to the film at the same time. They can also easily switch between foreground and background focus, just tap the screen to switch the focus. At the same time, when pairing with a measurement application, put the object in the frame, and the camera can be used as a 3D camera to determine the width, height, area, volume and other information of the object.

Merano Hybrid module samples are now available.

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Author: Yoyokuo