Anti-pulse resistors offer an improved power rating

The KOA Corporation SG73P1EW is the latest addition to the popular SG73P pulse stable series. This device is available now from TTI Europe. This version of the 0402-size part offers an improved power rating of 0.25W compared to the standard 0402 devices. This high-power rating, downsizing of standard flat chip resistors from size 1206 or 0805 to the new SG73P1EW (0402inch) is possible. Furthermore, the new device employs a special resistive paste to reach an even better T.C.R. of ±100ppm/K.

Typical applications include automotive electronics for ECU, ADAS, etc., power supplies, industrial electronics, measuring instruments, motor control units, smart meter, power conditioner/inverter, and white goods, and more.

Author: Yoyokuo