Application of CNC Machining Technology in Processing of Aluminum Alloy Products

The cnc machining compounding technology refers to a series of processing that requires several cnc processing equipments at the same time, and a series of processing of a cnc processing composite function having a corresponding multi-process capability, which is completed in a continuous operation manner. Multi-variety and small-volume non-standard cnc machined parts products, through the equipment with cnc processing composite function, in the process integration method, greatly shorten the overall processing time from material input to product processing.
Because of the production of multi-variety small-volume cnc processing products under normal circumstances, the entire production process takes much longer than the actual processing time of the workpiece, and the fixed cost of the factory is mostly imposed on the entire processing cycle.
It can also be said that depending on the processing material, the factory only adds value when processing products of different shapes, and the movement between processes and the waiting of the process are time lost. Thus, the purpose of cnc processing composite technology is to increase the added value time (actual processing time) of the entire production cycle. Originally, the focus of aluminum alloy processing and composite processing was to shorten the entire rationalized processing process of multi-variety and small-volume production. It is worth mentioning that the recent mass production in the automotive industry and other fields is also increasing orders. It can be considered that due to the small batch of the whole product, the mass production method of the special production line is out of date, the development of the composite processing machine tool shortens the production cycle, and the actual processing time also has the ability to surpass the current dedicated machine.
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