Application of Zongheng Technology HMIBuilder in Electric Power Industry

The system simulates the photovoltaic panel to charge the battery, and the battery discharges with a load such as a light bulb. The charging current is affected by two conditions, illuminance and temperature. The stronger the illuminance and the higher the temperature, the stronger the charging current, and the influence of the illuminance is more obvious.
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1. System introduction
The working principle of the battery – take one charge and discharge as a cycle as an example, in a cycle, it can be in any state of no electricity. The name at this time is called LVD point, that is, the voltage when the battery is under-voltage disconnected. When the battery discharge voltage is lower than the LVD, the battery is disconnected, there is no current output, charging starts, and the voltage rises. When it reaches the HVD, the battery is fully charged and disconnected. When the voltage reaches HVD, the battery is disconnected and there is no current output. After reaching the HVD point, the battery’s own voltage will slowly drop. When it drops to a certain level, that is, after the battery recovers the charging voltage, the battery will continue to charge until the HVD is disconnected, and so on. After the battery is charged, the battery is discharged. When discharging, the voltage will gradually decrease until the LVD point is disconnected. After disconnection, the voltage will gradually rise until it reaches the battery recovery voltage and then discharge. The same is repeated for N times, and the discharge is over. . This is the reason why the mobile phone battery can still be used for a while after a period of time when the battery is dead.

Application of Zongheng Technology HMIBuilder in Electric Power Industry
2. System Architecture

Architecture description – The software adopts HMIBuilder universal version infinite point configuration software (simulating photovoltaic panels and loads requires a lot of variables and operations, so there are many variables), industrial computer, Advantech PCI1713 analog high-speed acquisition card, Advantech PCI1620 multi-serial communication card ( There are multiple systems), programmable power supplies, programmable loads, current sensors, temperature sensors, etc.
3. Engineering characteristics
The biggest highlight of this system is that the HMIBuilder universal version wireless point configuration software integrates data acquisition, data calculation, processing and control in the project.
Data acquisition – collect current and temperature signals through sensors through PCI1713.
——Collect the voltage and current signals of programmable power supply and programmable load through RS-232.
Data calculation – Calculate the voltage and current relationship required by the system, complete the integral operation, etc. through the powerful script programs and functions supported by HMIBuilder processing
——Through the historical curve and real-time curve, the system operation status, the status and trend of each parameter can be clearly analyzed, which is convenient for querying the fault situation, and the maximum value, minimum value and average value of the system parameters can be easily obtained through data extraction to achieve correct Analysis of system parameters.
Control – The system completely relies on configuration software to realize the entire process control and equipment start and stop. In addition, the system expands 8 serial ports through PCI1620 to meet the requirements of multiple systems.
Software Analysis:
User interface: The user interface includes system status Display, parameter settings, time series settings, real-time curves, historical curves, data extraction and key data reports, etc.
The operating status interface can clearly see the working status and parameters of the power supply, load and battery, the steps to be executed smoothly, and the real-time curve. At the same time, you can click the button to switch to other systems, set parameters, query historical curves, etc. Monitor the operation of the entire system.
Application of Zongheng Technology HMIBuilder in Electric Power Industry

The following figure is a part of the data report printing, in which the main data in the form are automatically generated during the system operation, just click the print button to print the desired form, the following figure is the printing effect, print Buttons, etc. are not included in the printing range.

Application of Zongheng Technology HMIBuilder in Electric Power Industry
The configuration software can support multiple strategies at the same time, and can choose different strategies and components according to the needs, so as to easily realize the requirements of data operation, extraction and system control.

Author: Yoyokuo