Application requirements of titanium alloys in satellite research and development

Titanium alloy is used to reduce the structure quality of satellite, increase the payload and improve the function ratio.

Titanium alloy corrugated shell and apogee engine bracket

Due to the large-caliber double-corrugated shell structure made of TB2 high-strength titanium alloy, the mass of the new communication satellite cylinder and cone can be reduced by about 50%, and the load-bearing capacity can be increased by 80%. Using double corrugated plate structure to make apogee engine support also significantly reduces the structural quality of support.

(2) titanium alloy star arrow connection belt

The working temperature of the package is -60~100℃, and it must be tested by shock, vibration and noise during the launching process. Therefore, TB2 titanium alloy material with high strength, good cold forming and stable resistance to high and low temperature must be selected.

TB2, TB3 titanium alloy cold heading bolts, high specific strength, compared with the same specification of steel, weight can be reduced by about half. Due to the small thermal conductivity and slow heat dissipation, using these two kinds of titanium alloy bolts on the rudder of satellite instrument can play the role of temperature control, especially when working at low temperature, the system temperature can be relatively increased by 30℃, which is conducive to the normal operation of the instrument.

(4) titanium alloy recovery tank end frame

The capsule end frame of the recoverable satellite launched by China is made of titanium alloy.

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