Are you familiar with the olet

Are you familiar with the olet

 Seamless pipes, welded pipes, flanges, and fittings have always been the core products of China. And the pipe fittings products are very wide, including tees, crosses, and elbows are very common. So are you familiar with the olet?

Olet is a product used for branch pipe connections that serves a similar purpose as a tee, etc., providing a branch from a large-diameter pipe to a small-diameter pipe. The pipe welded to the stand is called the main pipe, and the pipe welded to the stand is called the branch pipe.


Sounds as if there is no big difference with the tee, but in recent years the olet is gradually replacing the traditional use of reducer tee, reinforcement plate, strengthen the pipe section and other branch pipe connection type, this is why?

The advantages of the olet is clear.

Safe and reliable, reduce the cost, simple construction, improve the media flow channel, series standardization, convenient design, etc., especially in the high pressure, high temperature, large diameter, thick-walled pipeline, the use of olet is increasingly widespread.

China sales of olet for high-quality forgings, stainless steel and nickel alloy materials, and the same pipe materials, in connection with the pipeline or valve when there are butt welding connection, socket welding connection, threaded connection of three types.


China -TYPE


Weldolet/Sockolet/Thredolet, Please consult China for other types

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