ASML will ship 26 EUV lithography machines in 2019 and deliver up to 50 next year

ASML of the Netherlands released its 2019 Q4 quarterly and full-year financial report today. The Q4 revenue was 4.036 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 35%, and its net profit was 1.134 billion euros, an 81% year-on-year increase. A total of 26 EUV light units were shipped throughout the year. engraving machine.

For the whole year of 2019, ASML’s revenue was 11.82 billion euros, an increase of 8% year-on-year, the gross profit margin fell from 46% to 44.7%, and the annual net profit was 2.592 billion euros, which remained unchanged.

In the Q4 quarter of last year, ASML shipped 8 EUV lithography machines and received orders for 9 EUV lithography machines. The order volume of EUV lithography machines for the whole year reached 6.2 billion euros, and a total of 26 EUV lithography machines were shipped. Compared with the 18 units in 2018, there has been a significant increase, and the revenue share of EUV lithography machines has also increased from 23% to 31%.


ASML will ship 26 EUV lithography machines in 2019 and deliver up to 50 next year

Since Samsung and TSMC mass-produced EUV processes in 2019, 2019 is a year of substantial growth in ASML’s EUV lithography machines, and this trend will continue in the future. It is expected to deliver 35 EUV lithography machines in 2020 and 2021. It will reach deliveries of 45 to 50 units, about double the number in 2019.

This also proves that the next year or two will be the time for mass production of the EUV process.

Looking forward to the first quarter of 2020, ASML expects revenue between 3.1 and 3.3 billion euros, gross profit margin between 46% and 47%, research and development expenses of about 550 million euros, SG&A management and marketing expenses of 140 million euros, and a tax rate of 13%.

Author: Yoyokuo