Baidu Ruliu releases Knowledge Star Chain to accelerate enterprise knowledge transfer and improve organizational energy efficiency

All things are interconnected, and digital intelligence has penetrated into corporate offices. In the complex and diversified work needs of enterprises, how to use increasingly mature artificial intelligence technology to help enterprises achieve efficient knowledge management and help enterprises build core competitiveness has become an important direction for the development of online office. On December 10, at the Baidu Ruliuzhihui 2021 conference, Ruliu released the smart work platform 2.0, grandly launching the knowledge star chain function, explaining all the “new words” in the work scene in the form of hyperlinks, helping the workplace to quickly grasp “Knowledge Points”.

Baidu Ruliu releases Knowledge Star Chain to accelerate enterprise knowledge transfer and improve organizational energy efficiency

Intelligent transformation and upgrading require companies not only to “look outward”, seize new opportunities for digital and intelligent development, but also to “look inward”. Deeply excavate the value of the enterprise itself, and achieve a qualitative leap in the competitiveness of the enterprise through the intelligent transformation of working methods.

In this era, more knowledge is generated, stored and applied online. At present, data, information, and corporate knowledge have become a brand-new means of production, and have become a key element to help companies achieve comprehensive transformation. In the process of doing a good job in knowledge management, improving productivity not only requires knowledge transfer, but also a sound mechanism and system to ensure the sustainable growth of knowledge.

From this, Baidu Ruliu Intelligent Work Platform 2.0 launched the new knowledge star chain function, which realized the closed loop of enterprise knowledge.

From the path of Ruliu “AI+Knowledge Management”, we can see that Ruliu not only helps companies store knowledge for employees to use, but more importantly, it uses tools as the medium to systematically revitalize knowledge. Take the practical application of Knowledge Star in Ruliu Intelligent Knowledge Base as an example. When we are reading content, Knowledge Star will automatically identify and interpret keywords, or jump to relevant pages as required, which greatly improves reading efficiency.

In fact, Knowledge Star Chain has four application scenarios: one is to connect enterprise encyclopedia; the other is to connect enterprise culture; the third is to connect enterprise applications; and the fourth is to assist knowledge understanding. Through the application of the knowledge star chain, individuals and enterprises can be empowered in both directions, which not only ensures the sustainable growth of knowledge, but also systematically enhances the core creativity of the organization.

In the architecture of Baidu Ruliu Smart Work Platform 2.0, knowledge management runs through the entire process of communication flow, work flow, and knowledge flow, providing employees with windows and opportunities for acquiring and applying knowledge in various work links, so as to fully activate knowledge and connect smoothly. Break through knowledge barriers. Ruliu relies on Baidu’s powerful AI technology to help greatly reduce corporate management costs, so that knowledge can truly take root in the corporate soil and maintain growth. The enterprise accelerates the creation, flow, application and feedback of knowledge through the stream, thereby eliminating the gap between employees in knowledge acquisition and learning.

With the acceleration of artificial intelligence technology, the era of intelligent work is quickly entering our daily work. Baidu Ruliu Smart Work Platform 2.0 relies on leading knowledge management capabilities to empower enterprises with industry-leading AI technology to enable the free flow of information within the enterprise, easy flow of data, and help enterprises continue to innovate and upgrade.

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Author: Yoyokuo