Be the Siri HERE of the Automotive Industry, Expand Voice Assistant Functions

When you are driving in bad weather, the vehicle’s voice assistant can help you quickly find a nearby rain shelter; when your electric vehicle’s battery is too low, the voice assistant can also help you find the nearest electric vehicle charging station. Completing mobility with a conversational experience through natural speech is no longer a high-tech bridge in movies.

  Be the Siri HERE of the Automotive Industry, Expand Voice Assistant Functions

Recently, HERE Technologies, a mapping and positioning service provider, has deepened cooperation with Cerence, integrating HERE’s intelligent positioning solution into the Cerence Drive solution to form an AI-driven mobile travel assistant solution.

The voice assistant uses AI to learn driver preferences and driving habits to further personalize the in-car experience. HERE also provides relevant data based on location information to correlate driver preferences, allowing the system to provide more directional recommendations. When the system detects, for example, that drivers frequently go to gas stations that are open 24/7 to refill diesel, the voice assistant can make recommendations based on those preferences. In addition, HERE integrates 3D maps into Cerence’s multi-modal in-vehicle experience, with multiple technologies such as eye tracking and voice recognition.


As the popularity of mobility assistants continues to rise, precise location information is essential for drivers. In the future, the car will no longer just play the role of a travel tool, but will have more conversations with the driver and provide more actionable suggestions. Global car companies such as Audi, BMW and Daimler all use HERE and Cerence’s cooperative voice control system. Users can access HERE maps, apps and other in-vehicle infotainment items through voice.

In October 2019, Nuance, a smart voice company, spun off its automotive business separately to form Cerence. Nuance is the voice technology supplier behind Apple’s Siri. The main purpose of the spin-off of Cerence is to create a new generation of automotive voice software. Cerence is mainly composed of Nuance’s original Greater China team and automotive business. There are currently two R&D centers in Germany and China.

Author: Yoyokuo