Brush seals applied to different parts are under research and development

In the 1990s, the U.S. Air Force combined with the IHPTET plan to determine the parameters for the development of brush seals as follows: Phase II? Temperature 649℃, sliding speed 247m/s, pressure difference 0.34MPa. Phase III? Temperature 760℃, sliding Speed ​​427m/s, pressure difference 1.0MPa. Various high-parameter brush seals (such as brush seals with high temperature, high speed, high pressure difference, low hysteresis characteristics, ceramic brush seals) and applied to different parts (such as compressors and turbines) The brush seals between stages and blade tips are under research and development.

Brush seal has entered the stage of application and promotion of aero engines. EJ200, V2500, PW4000 series and F119 engines all use brush seals.

The contract index is: temperature 649℃, sliding speed 244m/s, pressure difference 4.1MPa. There are two kinds of sealing structures used by ALLISON company for manufacturing and testing: gas bearing profile is spiral groove and Rayleigh step. The test results of the tester show that the two sealing designs can form a gas film during operation. The gas film stiffness of the spiral groove structure at high speed is the highest, and the working performance under low pressure difference and high pressure is good. The working capacity reaches: temperature 649℃, sliding speed 244m/s, pressure difference 3.4MPa, measured gas leakage is less than 0.71m3/min (converted into standard state), durability and performance retention ability are also good. Pressure resistance and leakage performance are significantly better than brush seals. However, the structure and materials need to be further developed.

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