Buy collapsible crate mould from China

Buy collapsible crate mould from China



    Nowadays, crates are widely used in farming, industry, commodity goods and so on.We come out with a new style of crate. That is foldable crate.It can fold when it’s empty.can save more space.

And the best advantage is we use special material to make this kind of foldable crate. Foldable Crate also uses HDPE or PP for molding. But considering its durability, we choose a better performance material, which MFI is around 3.6~4.5g/10min, and its tensile strength is more than 25Mpa, tensile strength at break should be bigger than 60%, and shrinkage strength should be bigger than 40Mpa. In this way, we can make sure  Foldable Crate with good durability and long service life.

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