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Sino Mould is a professional PVC moulds supplier in China, If you want to buy a high quality PVC moulds from China, Sino Mould will be the best choice.
As we know, PVC raw material is a kind of plastic which has high corrosive effect on the mould steel, so we should pay more attention to the PVC moulds making, we always use S420 or 2316 to make the core and cavity, The density of the PVC is 1.38g/cm3, ,and its flowability is not well, when we inject PVC material to the PVC moulds, the enjecting pressure and mould temperature is very important. and PVC moulds has special requirement on the injection machine. Our brother company-DAKUMAR is a most professional injection machineries manufacture in China, the PVC injection machine is one of our products. That kind of injection machine is equipped with plating chrome screw and flange and enlarged motor to plasticizing PVC. Sino Mould is a famous PVC pipe fitting moulds maker in China, every year we supply 500 sets of all kinds of PVC moulds to Europe, Africa , Mid-East and Asian and the classification is as follows
1. Socket PVC moulds
2. Curving PVC moulds
3. Thread PVC mouls
4. Reducer PVC moulds
5.Bridge-type PVC moulds
6.Cross PVC moulds
7. T-type PVC moulds ,Y-type PVC moulds and U-type PVC moulds
We always release the PVC pipe fittings by the ejector pin and curving slide or collapsible core, and if the PVC moulds have the screw, we will unscrew the products.
If you don’t want to buy PVC injection molding machine,we can take advantage of our
PVC plastic moulding service China, it mean that you just ship the PVC pipe fitting to your country, not the PVC moulds.
If you are feel interested in the PVC mould or the service around the PVC moulds, pls contact China MOULD, you will be well served.

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