Carbon Fiber Rod Comparing With Steel Rod, Which Is Better?

Golf is a kind of sport that many people like. It can not only exercise, but also cultivate patience. It’s called noble in the ball games. Some people may ask: “Are carbon fiber rods better than steel rods? I heard that playing with carbon fiber rods will make the ball fly farther. “We all know that carbon fiber is a new high-performance composite material while steel is a kind of a traditional material that has been tested for a long time. Compared with carbon fiber, whose performance is better?With the development of the times, several golf steel rods have emerged, mainly including traditional steel rods, parallel type steel rods, light steel rods, and extra light steel rods. The traditional steel rod is simple in shape, and the lower the rod is, the thinner the rod is. Its style is older and the weight is heavier. The weight of the parallel steel rod is lighter. It is named because the tip of its head is parallel; As the name is called, the light steel rod is very light and can hit the ball farther; the extra light steel rod is the lightest but the price is very expensive.Carbon fiber golf clubs first began in the 1970s. At first, the golf clubs were criticized because they were too much distortion and too soft to fully meet the needs of athletes. After adding boron fiber to carbon fiber, the hardness is greatly improved, and it is widely welcomed by athletes.Carbon fiber is indeed better than steel in terms of strength, weight, and corrosion resistance, but a good golf club is not only about the material, but its structure is also very important. It is mainly composed of three parts, the head, the shaft, and the grip. These three parts can work together to maximize their effect. Going back to the original question, we can’t say that carbon fiber rods are necessarily better than steel rods, but some of its properties are indeed superior to rigid rods. As for how to perform its effects, it depends on the user.

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