Carving and milling machine maintenance

Engraving and milling machine tools in our processing industry widely used, but often in the process of using or failure, then we should promptly solve the problem, otherwise it will cause more serious problems arise today there world High-speed CNC engraving and milling machine manufacturers to introduce you to the technical staff:A: Maintenance of mechanical parts
The main drive chain of maintenance, regular adjustment of the spindle drive belt tightness, to prevent slip caused by slip caused by the phenomenon: After a long time the use of tool clamping device in the spindle, there will be gaps that affect the tool clamping, the need for timely adjustment of hydraulic Cylinder piston displacement.
2. Ball screw thread maintenance of regular inspection, adjust the screw thread of the axial clearance to ensure the accuracy of reverse drive and axial stiffness; regularly check the screw and the bed connection is loose; screw protection device Damaged to be replaced in a timely manner, regularly check the shaft guide rail with or without chips to prevent dust chips into.

3. Tool magazine and tool changer maintenance, non-overweight, long tool into the magazine, in order to avoid the robot when the tool change knife or the workpiece and the fixture collisions; check the spindle spindle back to replace the knife position is In place, and timely adjustments; boot, should make the empty knife and manipulator operation, check the various parts of the work is normal and found that abnormal should be handled in time.
Second: CNC system maintenance

Prevent system overheating The cooling cabinet on the CNC cabinet should be checked whether the work is normal. Check the semi-annual or quarterly air duct filter is clogged, if the filter dust accumulation too much, do not promptly cleaned, will cause the temperature inside the cabinet too high.
2. Strict compliance with operating procedures and routine maintenance system, CNC equipment operators to strictly abide by the rules and routine maintenance system, the quality of the operator's business skills is an important factor affecting the frequency of failure.

3. To prevent dust and dirt inside the numerical control device, the air in the machining shop will generally have oil mist, dust and even metal powder, once they fall on the circuit board or electronic devices in the numerical control system, easily lead to insulation between components Resistance drop, and even lead to damage to components and circuit boards, should try to reduce the open CNC cabinet and power cabinet door.Lemo are export on cnc machining processing, pls conttact us as below :Amy ChenOversea Marketing Manager
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