Chair mould design concept

Chair mould maker China is a professional chair mould maker,especially for arm chair moulds,stool moulds,foldable chair moulds,PC chair moulds and gas-assisted chair moulds.We could design the new chair according to our customers design concept.We have most different types of novel chair samples.

Sino Mould make about 80sets of chair moulds annually.For the common arm chair moulds,we have standard mould production process.We could start steel material purchase before the mould design completely finished.That could save about 8days delivery time.For every chair mould,we design optimized cooling system,we could get 35-45s cycle time for common chair moulds.

We also supply for other types of chair moulds,such as PC chair moulds,stadium chair moulds,foldable beach chair moulds and so on.With a turnkey solution,we could offer our customers one stop service: chair moulds,injection molding machines and additional machines.We could arrange our engineers to help to set up the molding line in our customer’s workshop,training staff and give solution.Please feel free to contact me  if you need more information.Thanks.

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