China already ranks first in the world in terms of 200mm wafer capacity

The latest “200mm Fab Outlook Report” released by the analysis agency SEMI pointed out that China has ranked first in the world in terms of 200mm wafer production capacity. This is because of well-known reasons. In recent years, China’s chip production capacity has entered a stage of rapid growth. sexual outcomes.

China already ranks first in the world in terms of 200mm wafer capacity

According to SEMI data, in the past five years, the wafer production capacity in mainland China has doubled, and by the end of 2020, the wafer production capacity in mainland China has accounted for 22.8% of the global total, surpassing Japan and Taiwan. , the United States and South Korea have become the world’s first.

With the substantial growth of wafer production capacity in mainland China, its share of the global market has risen sharply. China is also the only economy in the world that has achieved an increase in market share. In the case of China’s continued rush for the market, economies outside mainland China are Both wafer production capacity and market share declined.

Recent statistics show that in the first five months of this year, mainland China produced 139.92 billion chips, a substantial increase of 48.3%; the growth rate of global chip sales in the first quarter was 17.8%, showing that China The mainland’s chip production growth rate far exceeds the global average.

However, SEMI’s analysis also pointed out that the chips produced in mainland China are mainly produced with mature processes of 28nm and below, and there is still a gap between the chip production process and the world. There is also only 14nm FinFET, while TSMC and Samsung have put into production 5nm process and are expected to put into production 3nm process next year.

China already ranks first in the world in terms of 200mm wafer capacity

The driving force for the rapid development of China’s chip industry comes from well-known reasons. For this reason, mainland China has begun to promote independent research and development of the chip industry to achieve domestic substitution. Especially since the second half of 2019, due to the experience of Chinese technology companies such as Huawei, it has become Let China’s manufacturing industry feel the urgency of the independence of the chip industry.

Exactly since China launched the first IC industry fund in 2014, China’s chip industry has been in full bloom. After several years of hard work, it has begun to achieve considerable results, providing domestic companies with a wealth of chip choices.

Since Huawei and other technology companies use advanced technology to produce chips, domestic consumers are quite familiar with advanced technology. However, China is the world’s largest manufacturer and needs a variety of chips. Many industries need chips that can be produced with mature technology. For example, TV chips, automobile chips, home appliances and other chips are produced by a large number of mature processes of 28nm and below.

The two major chip manufacturers in China, SMIC and Shanghai Huahong, have a mature 28nm process. The promotion of domestic chip replacement has provided huge opportunities for these chip manufacturers. Their chip production capacity is quite tight; in addition to these chip companies, In fact, LED chip manufacturing, low-end CMOS chips, etc., China is also in the forefront of the world, among which Gekewei’s CMOS chip shipments have surpassed Sony and Samsung.

Therefore, chip companies in various industries worked together to expand wafer production capacity, and the wafer production capacity in mainland China finally achieved the results mentioned at the beginning of this article. China’s achievements in the chip market, although there are still some gaps in technological advancement, but the achievement today has proved the great progress of China’s chip industry. The development of China’s chip industry can follow the current path, continue to consolidate the foundation in the low-end market, and then gradually improve the technical level, shorten the gap with foreign countries, and even take the leading position in the world in the future.

China already ranks first in the world in terms of 200mm wafer capacity

The development of China’s chip industry is also the path that China’s manufacturing has taken to achieve today’s achievements. China’s manufacturing has developed through the processing of supplied materials, and now it is gradually promoting industrial upgrading. With the advancement of China’s manufacturing industry upgrading, there are enough The strength of the company began to support Chinese brands to go global, and now Chinese mobile phones, TVs and other products have a place in the top five in the global market. It is believed that Chinese chips will one day have the technical strength to compete with overseas chips.


Author: Yoyokuo