China’s chip richest man donated 20 billion yuan to build “Oriental University of Technology”

According to the official website of the Ningbo Zhenhai District Government, Yu Renrong, the founder of Weir, known as the richest man in chips in China, will donate more than 20 billion yuan to build the “Oriental University of Technology” in Ningbo.

Yu Renrong is the founder of Waywell, which is a well-known semiconductor design company in China. It owns three brands, OmniVision, Will semiconductor and Superpix, and sells more than 100 chips per year. 100 million, the company’s market value is more than 270 billion.

Yu Renrong has a personal net worth of more than 55 billion and is the richest man in China’s chip industry. He is also an alumnus of Ningbo Zhenhai Middle School in the 1985th. It was previously reported that he plans to follow the example of Bao Yugang, the world’s ship king, and donated more than 20 billion to build a school in Ningbo. A new type of research university of science and engineering.

At present, the university is tentatively named “Eastern University of Technology”, which is positioned as a non-profit, new-type research university of science and technology. The university is planned to be located in the Zhuangshi area of ​​Zhenhai District, Ningbo, covering an area of ​​about 1,000 mu. The preparatory work has been in progress for nearly half a year and is currently in full swing.

It is reported that Ningbo Zhenhai District is the most concentrated area of ​​Ningbo’s scientific and educational resources, with “three schools and one” such as Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Engineering, Ningbo Textile and Garment Vocational and Technical College and Ningbo Institute of Materials of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Author: Yoyokuo