Companies cooperate to improve the journey from engineering to aftersales

Vector is cooperating with Somit Solutions. The cooperation aims to equip workshops with the information they require to support swiftly changing automotive technology.

Automotive trends and the influence of consumer technology are forcing a revolution in vehicle design. As mechanical systems proceed to lose prominence and electronics and software come to the fore, a parallel transformation in aftersales systems and services is needed if standards of customer service are to be maintained. Wholly different E/E architectures, new software features and the speed of change offer a fresh set of challenges to technicians. In facing down these tests, they must be given accurate and up-to-date systems and information that are quick and easy to use.

With the shift towards in-house software development and the growing use of data-driven design tools, much of the information needed by these aftersales endures today in engineering. Notwithstanding this, efficient reuse of engineering data in aftersales systems persists to be limited. Standards have made some progress to better this. However, their effectiveness is restricted by a lack of end-to-end process and tool support. With combined expertise crossing the engineering and aftersales lifecycle, the companies will overcome these limitations.

Author: Yoyokuo