Desk purchase request leads to school firings

According to law, education is free for all primary and middle school children and they do not need to pay any tuition, let alone purchase chairs
The chiefs of three public schools in Guangdong province lost their jobs after it was revealed they had asked students to buy their own school chairs and desks.

Desk purchase request leads to school firings
The three chiefs were removed from office following a public outcry after the incident was revealed by local media a few days ago
But other school heads said Guangdong’s public schools have been given enough money, even if they are in the poorer, western part of the province.
Lin Yehan, principal of a primary school in Fengkai county, also in western Guangdong, said the government provides 140 yuan to 160 yuan ($22-$25) per student in his primary school for office expenses every school term. “That’s enough to buy new chairs and desks.”
“It is shameful that schools in Guangdong, one of the most affluent regions in China, do not provide chairs and desks to students,” said Liu Jianfu, a senior researcher with the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.


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