Domestic machinery products will get a fairer competitive environment


In the future, although China’s import tariffs on machinery products other than automobiles may be further reduced, the space is limited. Therefore, from the perspective of tariffs, the impact on machinery products is inevitable but not too strong. Non-tariff measures.

The only three types of machinery products for which China implements import quotas are automobiles, cantor cars and car cranes. There are no strict restrictions on specific products. in addition. With the entry of WTO, national treatment will be implemented. The preferential policies enjoyed by imported machinery products will gradually decrease, certain super-national treatments will be cancelled, and domestic machinery products will have a fairer competitive environment.

The external competition faced by China’s machinery industry will increase, but to varying degrees. Automobiles and large complete sets of equipment are at a relative disadvantage. Metal processing equipment, special equipment, small and medium-sized complete sets of equipment, wires and cables and other products have local competitive advantages. In terms of products such as ships, containers, and household appliances, China’s competitive advantages are relatively obvious.

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