Energy Blockchain: Looking at Blockchain Application from the Development of Grid Side and Energy Side

Blockchain is expected to serve as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, accelerating the development of technological and industrial innovation, and the power grid and energy sides are naturally compatible with blockchain technology in the direction of business model upgrades. It is recommended to pay attention to companies in the industry that have begun to deploy blockchain technology. They are optimistic that the above-mentioned companies are expected to enjoy the promotion of blockchain technology in the future. Minjiang Hydropower (to be injected into the information industry assets), Terad, Guodian NARI, it is recommended to pay attention to the high light Software, Akcome Technology.

Blockchain is expected to become the next outlet for independent innovation, and multiple fields will focus on technological exploration and industrial applications.

On the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the eighteenth collective study on the development status and trends of blockchain technology. The general secretary emphasized that blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology and accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology and Industrial innovation and development. Technical reserves and breakthroughs, industrial landing and integration will become the main focus of the further development of blockchain technology in the future.

Power grid side: Power grid companies have a deep deployment of blockchain technology.

State Grid has continued to strengthen its investment in the blockchain field in recent years. In 2018, China Power Puhua (plan to be injected into Minjiang Hydropower), a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China, undertook the research and development of the enterprise-level blockchain underlying platform, and became the Institute of Information and Communications Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Member of the “Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan”; in August 2019, State Grid E-commerce Co., Ltd. (State Grid Financial Technology Group) established “State Grid Blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.” “E-commerce Trusted Chain” passed the second batch of domestic blockchain information service names and record numbers; NARI Research Institute is also conducting research in the field of blockchain; Yuanguang Software (shared by State Grid E-commerce Company) blockchain products The traceability, supply chain financial platform, and blockchain enterprise application service platform have all successfully obtained the second batch of domestic blockchain information service names and record numbers. According to IPRdaily statistics, as of the first half of 2019, State Grid has 35 blockchain patents, ranking 23rd in the world.

Grid side: Mass data on the chain is expected to help the construction of the ubiquitous network.

Since the beginning of 2019, the State Grid has been making every effort to promote the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things. We believe that the blockchain can not only provide a distributed storage center for the massive data collected by the grid, but also solve the data integration and equipment faced in the process of ubiquitous network construction. Issues such as security, personal privacy, and multi-agent coordination. As the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things is expected to be fully rolled out in 2020, the demand for grid data storage and the transformation of business models will catalyze the acceleration of the State Grid’s chain. Considering massive data sources and grid information security, the application prospects of grid-side blockchain are huge. State Grid has bid for “Research on the Application Mode of Power Blockchain Technology Based on Main-Side Chain” in the recruitment of science and technology projects in 2019, and follow-up related research is expected And service demand will continue to be released.

Energy side: Blockchain is expected to promote the expansion of charging networks and distributed energy business models.

The decentralization of the blockchain will physically deconstruct the existing centralized power network architecture. The market-oriented deconstruction of energy infrastructure such as distributed photovoltaics and charging piles will match the distributed network deconstruction of the blockchain. By converting energy into digital assets, records of distributed energy generation, electricity sales, and electricity consumption can be saved as data blocks, which is conducive to enterprises to tap a wider range of service needs and business models.

On the energy side: It is recommended to focus on technology-first listed companies.

New energy field: Akcome Technology and Hunan University jointly established a blockchain financial research center and a blockchain energy research center, focusing on the development of blockchain application research in the photovoltaic field, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Huizhe focuses on providing energy Blockchain infrastructure and solutions in the Internet field, as well as related blockchain cloud services. Charging network field: One of the largest application scenarios of the ubiquitous network in the future. As the largest charging network operator in China, Terry De has the widest coverage of charging data flow interface, and has overcome intelligent charging including unmanned driving. Many key technologies such as bow, wireless charging, non-inductive charging, blockchain-based metering and billing, and distributed transaction settlement technology have abundant technical reserves.

We are optimistic about blockchain technology to provide assistance for the transformation of future development models on the grid side and the energy side. Judging from the current stage, we believe that companies in the industry are in the stage of technology investment accumulation, focusing on building blockchain information services that meet their own business development needs. In the future, we are optimistic about companies with technical reserves. In the process of continuous integration of the industry and blockchain technology, with the help of technology and first-mover advantages, they will enjoy an industry leading position.

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Author: Yoyokuo