Fitting moulds

Plastic fitting molds used to making plastic pipe fitting for various type and different material.

Plastic pipe fitting mainly made with PP, PVC, PPR, also some made with HDPE for corrugated pipe fitting. For PVC pipe fitting moulds, the mould steel must be stainless as PVC material is corrosive. Generally, we suggest customer using DIN 1.2316 steel for PVC pipe fitting mould. For other material pipe fitting, it don’t have such special demands, you can use 718H and P20.

Considering the pipe fitting structure, like elbow pipe fitting, T pipe fitting, cross pipe fitting, socket pipe fitting and so on, different pipe fitting structure needs different mould structure to molding. Sino Pipe fitting mould develop many solution for various pipe fitting, like unscrewing molding solution, collapsible core solution, curve sliding core system.

If you want to invest the project for pipe fittings, feel free to send me your inquiry.

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