Five Misunderstandings of Using ERP in Mould Enterprises

Famous expert Michael Burns in Canada industry has generated 5 misunderstandings of using ERP in mould enterprises to help people fully utilise the system in management.

1. ERP is especially used by Fortune 500 companies. This is not the real case. In fact, not only big companies can use ERP, there’s also automated management system fit for small companies.

2. Using ERP will increase cost, and takes up a lot of time. This is the case in the first several years of ERP. Now, there’s more convenient system using by small companies.

3. ERP suppliers are not reliable. The same as other suppliers, ERP suppliers’ business is based on credibility.

4. Customized ERP cannot be updated. This is a history problem. Nowercays, customized ERP can be updated easily.

5. Using ERP will result in layoff. The fact is most of the companies reserved their employees to creat more value, and these companies generally could enjoy high increasing.

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