Foil resistors improve environmental performances and stability

New Yorker Electronics now offers VPG Foil Resistors Ultra-High Precision Moulded Surface Mount Resistor with Z1 Foil Technology and Flexible Terminations. The SMR3Z1 is an ultra-high precision moulded surface-mountable resistor offering all the elements of precision, incorporating low TCR, tight tolerance, long term stability, low noise, low thermal EMF, and non-measurable voltage coefficient. The device is based on the Z1 Foil Technology, which is practically insensitive to destabilising factors.

This product improves overall circuit stability and measurement functionalities. The resistor’s low absolute TCR lessens errors due to temperature gradients, and it can endure harsh environmental conditions. These characteristics make the resistor excellent for the high temperatures and radiation-rich environments seen in down-hole exploration and well logging and deep-sea underwater repeaters in transoceanic communications. The moulded package design and flexible terminations ensure minimal stress transference, addressing a concern in PCB applications where chips of 1206 and larger dimensions can delaminate, or the PCB can develop cracks from thermal shock.

The resistor is also ideal for precision amplifiers, differential amplifiers, pulse applications, control systems and power supplies, particularly in the medical, industrial, audio, low frequency, defence, aeronautics, and space exploration industries.

Author: Fymicohuang

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