Full production shipments of 7nm Versal AI Core and Versal Prime

Full production shipments of 7nm Versal AI Core and Versal Prime

Full production shipments of 7nm Versal AI Core and Versal Prime

Xilinx, a leader in adaptive computing, has announced that its Versal AI Core and Versal Prime series devices are now shipping to customers in full production volumes.

In addition, Xilinx also revealed that the third series in the Versal portfolio, Versal Premium, has now shipped to multiple tier-one customers through the company’s early access program.

Versal is the industry’s first adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) and combine scalar processing engines, adaptable hardware engines, intelligent engines with leading-edge memory and interfacing technologies to deliver powerful heterogeneous acceleration for any application beyond the capabilities of an FPGA.

The Versal AI Core series is able to deliver the highest compute and lowest latency in the Versal portfolio, enabling enhanced AI inference throughput and performance through its AI engines. It has also been optimised for compute-intensive applications primarily for the data center, 5G wireless, and A&D markets, including machine learning and advanced signal processing.

Customers have deployed Versal AI Core to accelerate workloads such as 5G gNodeB base stations, satellite-based broadband services, and audio-video bridging in 3D immersive stadium sports videos.

The Versal Prime series is designed for broad applicability across multiple markets and optimises connectivity and in-line acceleration of a diverse set of workloads. Customers are deploying Versal Prime series for data centre workloads such as storage acceleration, firewalls and other wired communications applications, and satellite-based broadband services in aerospace and defence markets.

Xilinx’s Versal Premium series, features highly-integrated and power-optimised cores, and has reached a significant milestone with shipments to multiple tier-one customers.

Versal Premium supports the massive bandwidth, security, and compute density required for next-generation enterprise and cloud deployment and features 112Gbps PAM4 transceivers, 600G Ethernet cores, 400G cryptographic engines, and PCIe Gen5 connectivity.

Author: Yoyokuo