General Thickness of GB Steel Plate

The steel plate is divided into thicknesses, thin steel plates <4 mm (the thinnest 0.2 mm), thick steel plates 4 to 60 mm, and extra-thick steel plates 60 to 115 mm.

The width of the sheet is 500~1500 mm; the width is 600~3000 mm. The thin plates are divided into steel grades, such as ordinary steel, high-quality steel, alloy steel, 

spring steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel and industrial pure iron sheet; according to professional use, there are oil drums, 

Enamel plate, bulletproof plate, etc.; according to the surface coating layer, there are galvanized sheet, tin plate, lead plate, plastic composite plate.

The steel grade of the thick steel plate is substantially the same as the steel plate. In all aspects of the product, in addition to bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, 

automobile manufacturing steel plate, pressure vessel steel plate and multi-layer high-pressure container steel plate and other varieties are pure thick plates, some 

varieties of steel plates such as automobile beam steel plate (thickness 2.5~10 mm), pattern Steel plates (thickness 2.5~8 mm), stainless steel plates, heat-resistant 

steel plates and other varieties are crossed with thin plates.

Thick steel plates are steel plates with a thickness greater than 3 mm. Thick steel plates are divided into extra-thick steel plates and medium-thick steel plates. Extra-thick 

steel plate refers to a steel plate having a thickness of not less than 50 mm. Extra-thick steel plates are mainly used in shipbuilding, boilers, bridges and high-pressure 

vessel casings. The medium-thick steel plate refers to a steel plate having a thickness of more than 3 mm and less than 50 mm. Medium-thick steel plates are mainly used 

in shipbuilding, boilers, bridges, armor and high-pressure vessel casings.

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