Hall-effect digital speed sensors provide non-contacting detection of rotating ferrous targets

Honeywell offers electronic speed and position sensors designed for enhanced reliability and an extended life. These sensors are available now from TTI Europe.

The devices use multiple technologies to detect a change in magnetic field and create an electronic signal for control system interface. They offer the capability to detect speed, direction, or position of a moving ferrous metal or magnetic target. Sensing is performed without contacting the target, and there are no moving parts. This excludes mechanical wear of the sensor or target.

These solid-state devices can sense through dust, dirt and debris, enhancing reliability and product life. An acceptable air gap allows the sensor to be located up to 2.5mm away from the target. Its high frequency switching capability (to 15kHz) enables the device to handle high RPMs.

The sensors offer various probe lengths (20.3mm, 27.5mm, and 40mm), simplifying use within the application. A high operating temperature range of -40C to 125C allows the device to be employed in high-temperature engine bays. Multiple connector options are offered, including Bosch 928000453, Delphi-Packard Metripak 150.2 Type 101, and Deutsch DT06-3S.

Author: Yoyokuo