Heavy!BOE released a variety of new technology products in the field of China’s semiconductor display

According to news on December 22, at the “Display Technology Brand Conference” held yesterday, BOE officially announced the three major brand systems in China’s semiconductor display field, including industry-leading high-end LCD technology ADS PRO and high-end flexible display technology f- OLED and high-end glass-based new LED display technology α-MLED.


The ADS PRO sub-brand represents BOE’s unique high-end LCD technology solution, with full viewing angles, ultra-high refresh rate and other advantages, bringing more realistic picture quality and smooth experience;

At the same time, BOE also released 5 new world-first products based on ADS PRO technology.

One is a 75-inch 8K 288Hz display equipped with BOE’s latest ADS PRO technology, its own Zhen screen, super frequency multiplication technology, and the newly developed Smoky Crystal Recolor technology. It has an ultra-wide viewing angle and a high color gamut color film. Bring a more realistic and natural ultra-high-definition display.

The second is a 110-inch 8K naked eye 3D display terminal equipped with Mini LED, quantum dot technology and high-precision bonding technology. The NTSC color gamut is as high as 104%, and the picture is real three-dimensional, so that you can enjoy the three-dimensional picture without wearing 3D glasses. 1.5 meters of super cool visual impact.

The third is a 27-inch FHD (Full HD) 500Hz+ display with ultra-high refresh rate, low-latency and smooth visual effects specially designed for e-sports players, with FHD Oxide 18T1C high-brush Mask core technology.

The fourth is a 14-inch healthy eye-protecting notebook product that integrates low blue light, natural light-like, dynamic dimming and other technologies, which can effectively reduce eye fatigue.

Heavy!BOE released a variety of new technology products in the field of China’s semiconductor display

(Picture source BOE official micro)

The fifth is the industry’s first 27-inch FHD low-carbon display using a new VRR (vertical refresh rate) drive architecture, Oxide technology, and low-frequency liquid crystal materials.


f-OLED is BOE’s latest technological achievement in the field of flexible displays. It can realize dynamic 360° folding display. It has the characteristics of brilliant colors and changeable shapes, and can bring users an immersive fashion experience anytime, anywhere.

At the f-OLED booth, BOE brought a variety of highly disruptive flexible display products.

Three-fold OLED machine

Equipped with a three-fold OLED terminal with BOE’s independent research and development structure, it can achieve a zigzag folding form, and switch from a mobile phone to a tablet by adding a folding operation, which can fully meet the various practical needs of entertainment, office, and communication;

Rolling products

The sliding product adopting the self-developed support module structure and the first curved surface fitting technology can support R4.5 dynamic sliding times more than 200,000 times, and achieve a lighter and smoother user experience through one-button operation.


The α-MLED sub-brand represents BOE’s first glass-based new LED display system and solution, featuring ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-wide color gamut, and extremely low frequency flicker, presenting users with an immersive experience of the entire scene.

In the α-MLED exhibition area, BOE has launched two world premiere products based on Mini LED.

The first is the glass-based AM P0.9 direct display product independently developed by BOE. The LED chip pitch of this product is 0.9mm, which can achieve ultra-high brightness, million-level ultra-high contrast and 115% ultra-high color gamut. In terms of performance Significantly ahead of other products.

At the same time, BOE also released an active glass-based 86-inch Mini LED TV using self-developed glass-based technology to achieve 2,304 physical partitions, each of which can achieve 4096 step changes, finer control of light, and extreme brightness of 1500nit; at the same time adopts Active constant current drive has been applied to Skyworth TVs.

Chen Yanshun, chairman of JD.com, said that when display technology brands are integrated with emerging technologies such as 5G communications, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, and when display technology brands are in-depth segmented by smart terminal devices of different shapes, they will inevitably become the best in the Internet of Everything era. One of the valuable “signs”.

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