Henan: Social security payments for enterprises in disaster-affected difficulties can be postponed for 3 months without late payment fees

On August 8, the Information Office of the Provincial Government held the fourth press conference of Henan Province to speed up post-disaster reconstruction.

Disaster-affected enterprises postpone payment of “three insurances” for three months

Li Yingwei, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, first announced the post-disaster reconstruction-related policies and measures to benefit enterprises and people.

In post-disaster reconstruction, how to help enterprises in the disaster-stricken areas reduce their burdens and promote employment as soon as possible for people with difficulties in finding jobs is not only related to the restoration and reconstruction process, but also related to the overall social stability.On the one hand, Henan has strengthened precise employment assistance.Establish a dynamic monitoring database for registered unemployed persons and persons with employment difficulties in the disaster-affected areas, and form a “list of assistance for persons with difficulties in disasters”, which is introduced in terms of implementing employment assistance, helping college students find employment, increasing guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship, and implementing unemployment insurance to stabilize jobs and return. 10 hardcore policies.

On the other hand, to reduce the burden of corporate social security.Formulate specific work rules,Delayed payment of corporate pension insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance premiums for enterprises with production and operation difficulties affected by floods. The deferment period is tentatively set at 3 months. After the deferment period expires, it can be extended according to the resumption of production and social security. During this period, the late payment fee will not be calculated and will not affect the individual’s relevant social insurance rights and interests.

The tax declaration period in August 2021 is extended to August 8

In order to further facilitate taxpayers’ overall handling of tax declaration matters, the tax declaration period in August 2021 will be extended to August 8.For enterprises affected by the disaster and epidemic situation, postponement of declaration and tax payment is allowed; implementation of the province-wide policy on receipt of invoices will extend the time limit for taxpayers’ offline invoice issuance to a maximum of 8 hours, so as to meet the taxpayers’ demand for rational use of invoices to the greatest extent .

After the disaster, insurance claims in Henan Province achieved more than half of the task

Up to now, the number of settled claims and the amount of settled claims in the province’s insurance industry have reached 51.38% and 35.06% of the reported claims, respectively.

Over 700 billion yuan of credit funds have been invested to help Henan enterprises overcome difficulties after the disaster

After the disaster, the financial sector continued to increase coordination, formulate special policies, and open up green channels. By reducing loan interest rates, reducing or exempting service charges, extending the repayment cycle, and increasing credit loans, the financial sector did everything possible to help companies tide over the difficulties. At present, the province has invested more than 700 billion yuan in credit funds for flood prevention and relief, post-disaster reconstruction and industrial and commercial recovery.

Corporate and personal donations have preferential tax policies

Enterprises or individuals through public welfare social organizations, people’s governments at or above the county level and their departments and other state agencies, donate expenditures for public welfare and charitable undertakings that comply with the provisions of the law, and can be deducted when calculating taxable income in accordance with the provisions of the tax law.

Among them, the part within 12% of the total annual profit of the enterprise is allowed to be deducted; the part exceeding 12% of the total annual profit can be deducted when calculating the taxable income within three years after the carryover.Individual donations that do not exceed 30% of the taxable income declared by the taxpayer can be deducted from their taxable income.

Focus on supporting small and micro enterprises, “vegetable basket” enterprise fields

Henan focuses on increasing financial support for the people who are alleviated from poverty and disasters, to ensure that the microcredit of the poverty-stricken people “has all the loans” to prevent the disaster from returning to poverty.Priority is given to ensuring that small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and rural households resume production. As of August 8, the banking industry has issued a total of 10 billion yuan in loans to disaster-affected small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and rural households.To ensure that the financing needs of housing maintenance, food and vegetables, animal husbandry, meat, egg, milk and poultry are met, the policy banks within the jurisdiction will immediately initiate emergency loan approval green channels for agricultural product manufacturers and provide 90.29 “vegetable baskets, rice bags” to 17 companies. Enterprises approved 18.7 billion yuan for disaster relief emergency loans.

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