Hidden safety hazards and prevention in summer cars

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, which brings us a more and more difficult driving environment. In addition, there are other security risks. For example, the high temperature of the vehicle spontaneously ignites, the water enters the vehicle in the event of a heavy rain, and so on. So, how can we avoid these situations from happening?

Routine inspection to prevent spontaneous combustion

In vehicle inspection, the most important one is the inspection of engine oil. First, check whether the amount of oil is appropriate; second, check whether the quality of the oil meets the standard.

Check oil quality

We use the oil caliper to determine the amount of oil and whether it needs to be replenished. Then smear a small amount of oil on the oil caliper on the white paper, and judge the quality of the oil by color. If the color is tan, the oil needs to be changed; if the color is yellow and the fluidity is good, it does not need to be changed.

Check the glass of water

The consumption of glass water in summer is amazing. In addition to normal use, the part evaporated by high temperature is also very large. Therefore, we need to check the glass water regularly to see if it needs to be replenished. If you can’t add it yourself or find it troublesome, you can ask the relevant staff to help you add it during car washing, fueling, and maintenance. In case of emergency, pure water can be used instead of glass water. In addition, in emergency situations, we can use pure water instead of glass water. However, this is only temporary.

Check brake fluid

The replacement of brake fluid is generally carried out in our daily maintenance, but when we use the car daily, it is also necessary to check it regularly. Under normal circumstances, it is enough for us to check whether the amount of oil is sufficient. If it is found that it is less than the normal value, it is best to replenish it in time.

Clean the engine compartment

Dust, fallen leaves and other debris on the upper part of the engine compartment should also be cleaned frequently. If there is oil seepage from the engine compartment, the high temperature in summer can easily make the fallen leaves reach the ignition point, causing the vehicle to spontaneously ignite.

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