High performance leaded dividers for mission-critical applications

New Yorker Electronics now supplies the new Exxelia Ohmcraft HVD Series of Mission Critical High-voltage Leaded Resistor Dividers. With its patented Micropen precision printing technology, it satisfies the requirements of modern electronic defence, weapons platforms, and defence professionals. With voltage ratings of up to 40kV and resistance values to 2TOhm, the series provides ultra-high stability in mission-critical applications and very low noise and tolerances to 0.1%.

Typical applications for this series incorporate high-voltage power supplies, X-ray sources, power meters, and test and measurement equipment. This series is offered with several lead style options, including a 100% tin spade terminal, an Sn60Pb40 solder spade terminal, 22AWG 100% tin wire and a 22AWG Sn60Pb40 solder wire. They are composed of 96% Aluma substrate, and all resistors are glass encapsulated. The leaded divider series is offered in six different case sizes that are either bare, have a powder coating or a single surface epoxy.

They are RoHS compliant and MIL-PRF-49462 and EEE-INST-002 approved. Typical applications include high voltage power supplies, x-ray sources, power meters, and test and measurement.

Author: Yoyokuo