High voltage DC contactor relays for EV and industrial applications

The Littelfuse DCNEV250 Series, available now from TTI Europe, are high current and high voltage DC contactor relays for electric vehicle applications such as charging stations, battery power supplies, DC power controls, circuit protection, and other switch controls.

These devices can also be employed in uninterruptible power supplies and other electronic control systems. They are available with polarised and non-polarised contacts to best suit the electrical systems’ polarity. The Coil Economizer considerably reduces coil power and heating after the contactor is energised. Once the contactor is energised, it takes minimal coil power to keep the contacts closed due to PWM decreasing the average power produced by pulsing the electrical signal.

Typical applications are ideal for battery EVs, HEVs, material handling, electric maintenance and transport vehicles, and industrial applications.

Author: Yoyokuo