Home appliance mold making China

China now is home appliance molds maker, can use high end home appliance molding technology, supply home appliance mold to the world, also help injecting home appliance products, Sino Mould is famous home appliance mold manufacturer China with high quality plastic home appliance molding service from China.
Now home appliance mold get more and more popular in mold making industry . And the customers need home appliance molds with high fitting ability and high quality surface treatments. Generally speaking, home appliance mold steel is like Nak80, DIN1.2738, 718H, DIN1.2311 … These kinds of mold steel not only can meet the hardness for home appliance molds, but also have high polishing ability. Home appliance mold’s polishing is good or not, will lead in surface quality of the home appliances.
Another important factor is surface treatment, Texture, high gloss, and drawing are the most common ways to beautify the home appliance surface.
Above 90% home appliance mold comes from China, some famous home appliance brands, like Midea, Haier, Galanz, LG, SHARP,PANASONIC, make their home appliance molds in China.
Sino Mould is famous home appliance mold maker in China, who supplies high quality home appliance mold to CHILI, Haier and so on, and have rich experience in making home appliance mold.

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