How does China Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. install and debug hydraulic presses?

How does China Machinery Co., Ltd. install and debug hydraulic presses?

For a regular Hydraulic Press production company, the hydraulic press must be tested after the production is completed, that is, the installation and commissioning in the early stage of delivery. It is best to explain this step clearly to the customer’s operator to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage. So, how is the hydraulic press installed and debugged before it is delivered to use?

The first stage hydraulic press installation

The installation foundation should be prepared before the hydraulic press is installed, and the concrete foundation is generally used. The hydraulic machine body is fixed by bolts, so bolt holes should be reserved when the concrete foundation is made, and the hydraulic machine is installed before pouring and fixing. For the installation of other parts of the hydraulic press, refer to the assembly drawings of the parts, and install them according to the matching requirements given in the drawings.

The second stage hydraulic press debugging

After all the installation work of the hydraulic press is completed, it must be debugged on site. Press the start button to see if the hydraulic press can complete various working conditions in sequence. Check whether the hydraulic press hardware or control system is working normally by watching and listening during the debugging process. In addition, it is necessary to check whether all control buttons and pressure gauges can work normally. After debugging for a period of time, if it runs normally, the hydraulic press can be officially delivered for use.

For hydraulic press operators, it is necessary to make technical preparations, read the equipment manual carefully before operation, and fully understand the use, technical performance, main structure, equipment accuracy standards, use requirements, and safety technical requirements of the press/hydraulic press/hydraulic press , Operation and use method, precautions for test run, etc.

Next, digest the “hydraulic system diagram” and clarify the working principle and performance requirements of the hydraulic system. To this end, it is necessary to clarify the functions of the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical, and their relationship, sequence of actions and interlocking relationships, and be familiar with the hydraulic system. The actual position of each component on the equipment, their function, performance, structure principle and adjustment method.

In addition, it is necessary to analyze the action cycle and movement sequence of each actuator of the hydraulic system and the corresponding oil circuit, pressure and flow. How to take effective prevention and reliable contingency measures for the parts where safety accidents of the press/hydraulic press/hydraulic press may occur.

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