How stable is the CNC processed aluminum material

How stable is the CNC processed aluminum material?

In machine tool processing, we always encounter many problems. Recently, a friend told Xiaobian students in the background: How can we make the processing size more stable when using CNC machine tools to process aluminum? First of all, we must know that precision aluminum parts processing accounts for about 65% of all CNC processed parts.
For questions raised by friends, we have greater confidence to reply. First of all, under the premise of aluminum material, the following aspects need to be considered:
The irresistible factor: the stability of the machine tool itself: If the CNC machining is not a new machine tool, and the machine tool has undergone a lot of machining without debugging, the CNC machining itself will have dimensional errors.
The following factors cause the error of CNC machining itself:
1. Mechanical aspects
a. There is looseness between the servo motor and the lead screw.
b. Wear of ball screw bearings and nuts.
c. Insufficient lubrication between the lead screw and the nut.
2. Electrical aspects:
a. The CNC machining servo motor is malfunctioning.
b. There is dirt inside the grating ruler.
c. The servo amplifier is malfunctioning.
Regarding the CNC machining system parameters, we can perform PMC recovery, so we will not mention it. After the CNC machined workpiece is processed, the cooling deformation appears. This is basically an unavoidable problem. Pay attention to the use of coolant as much as possible during processing, and pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling when performing on-site measurement.
Author: Zhuna