How to choose wood cnc router machine Upload to:08-07 2020

There are many models of wood cnc router machine on the market, aslo as the machine manufacturers. So, how to choose wood cnc router machine that suits your needs? Let's take a look.

1.About the electric spindle of wood cnc router machine

Electric spindles are mainly divided into two types: high-power and low-power. The materials which used for these two electric spindles are different. The low-power is required higher precision control capabilities that more suitable for small objects and signs. High-power is more suitable for large parts and cutting, because the precision control ability is not high. So when choosing wood cnc router machine, you should choose according to your actual situation.

2.About the performance of wood cnc router machine

The woodworking cnc router has a relatively long working time, and the motor is a key component of the machine, which will directly affect the operation of the wood cnc router machine. Therefore, it's necessary to choose a high quality motor. We are now using 4 sets High Torque stepper motor and drivers which can best meet your needs.

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