How To Ensure The Processing Efficiency Of Precision CNC Machined Parts ?

When processing parts, we must pay attention to many details and the efficiency of processing. In fact, it is not difficult to improve the efficiency of processing, but we must also ensure the quality of processing while improving the processing efficiency. Yes, then let's find out how to ensure the processing efficiency of precision parts of the product?
Precision machiningFirst, the rough and fine processing are divided to ensure the accuracy of processing. The characteristics of roughing and finishing are different. For example, during roughing, the workload will be relatively large, such as cutting amount and clamping force. Therefore, the finishing and roughing should be performed separately and the processing conditions should be strictly controlled.Second, choose the right processing equipment. For finishing and roughing, they have different requirements for equipment. During roughing, you can choose a machine with a high accuracy. For finishing, you need to choose a machine with higher performance.Third, do a good job in the heat treatment process of precision parts processing. The implementation of this process has a high impact on the quality of processing and must be taken seriously.Precision machining    Only by using correct and scientific methods to invest in precision parts processing can we meet the needs of the continuous development of the enterprise, so that the work can be perfected. So, how to do precision parts processing?(1) Reasonable selection of equipmentThe machining of rough mechanical parts is mainly to cut off most of the machining allowances. High-precision mechanical parts are not required. Therefore, rough machining should have large power and high-precision machine tools. The completion process insists on using a relatively high precision machine. Rough and finishing on different machines, can give full play to equipment capabilities, can extend its service life(2) In order to ensure the precision of precision parts processing, the machining of coarse and fine mechanical parts should be done separately.Because when the rough mechanical parts are processed, the cutting volume is large, and the cutting force, clamping force, heat, and mechanical parts of the workpiece have obvious work hardening. The workpiece has a large internal stress. If the workpiece is rough, the rough mechanical parts are completed. After continuous, part accuracy will soon be lost due to stress redistribution. For the machining of mechanical parts of some high-precision parts. After roughing and finishing, the low temperature annealing process should be arranged or aging to eliminate internal stress.(3) In the processing route of precision parts, heat treatment process is often arrangedThe locations are arranged as follows: the heat treatment process, to improve the cutting performance of the metal, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, generally arranged for machining of mechanical parts. Eliminate internal stresses such as aging treatments, conditioning treatments such as general arrangement drawings, after roughing, but after completion. In order to improve mechanical properties of components, such as carburizing quenching and tempering, generally arranged in the machining of mechanical parts. Such as large deformation after heat treatment, but also after the processing.
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