How to improve the working efficiency of servo hydraulic press

In the production and use of servo hydraulic presses, in addition to paying attention to operating specifications and punctual repairs and maintenance, we also need to find ways to improve work efficiency. How can we improve it? We briefly introduce a few points:

  • 1. The operator of a servo Hydraulic Press must understand the principle of the hydraulic system, understand the effects of the main hydraulic components of the equipment, and grasp the sequence of system operation. Before starting the equipment, check whether all the movement organizations and solenoid valves have entered the initial state, check the oil level of the fuel tank, and if an abnormality or lack of oil is found, the hydraulic pump motor should be prohibited from starting and a repairer should be repaired. The operator should always check the working condition of the hydraulic system, observe the working pressure and speed, check the size of the workpiece and the wear condition of the props, to ensure that the hydraulic system is stable and reliable.
  • 2. In winter, when the oil temperature of the fuel tank does not reach 25°C, the executive organizations cannot start to work in sequence, but can only start the hydraulic pump motor to make the hydraulic pump work empty. During summer work, when the oil temperature in the fuel tank is higher than 60°C, pay attention to investigate the operating conditions of the hydraulic system and tell the repairer to deal with it. The operator cannot damage the interlocking equipment of the electrical system, cannot push the electric control valve by hand, or damage or move the position of each operating gear arbitrarily.
  • 3. For hydraulic equipment that has been shut down for more than 4 hours, the hydraulic pump motor should be started for 5-10 minutes before it can be operated under pressure before starting the operation. When there is a problem with the hydraulic system, the operator should not move without permission and should report the repair part immediately. Always adhere to the cleaning of hydraulic equipment to prevent dust, cutting fluid, cutting, cotton yarn and other debris from entering the oil tank.

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