In order to promote the integration of 5G into all industries, China Mobile will do five major things!

On November 21, Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, said at the World 5G Conference held in Beijing that 5G will accelerate the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution era, triggering profound changes in production and lifestyles, and China Mobile will strive to become a leader in promoting 5G development. The backbone, in-depth implementation of the five major actions of the “5G+” plan.

Yang Jie believes that, from the perspective of the history of technological revolution and industrial transformation, 5G and other information technologies will promote the expansion of human living space from the physical world to the cyberspace, give birth to a digital economic model in which data is a key factor of production, and shape digitalization, networking, and intelligence. As the core of the intelligent society, it will accelerate the arrival of the era of the fourth industrial revolution. From the perspective of personal life and social production, the ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-wide connection and ultra-low latency characteristics of 5G will greatly improve communication experience, social production, and human capabilities. 5G will provide new communication and interaction modes such as high-definition video, AR/VR/MR, holographic projection, etc., to realize ubiquitous, all-time online, holographic interactive communication, and promote the upgrading of communication experience to a higher quality; second, 5G will realize production factors The global interconnection of the Internet will help emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and blockchain to be fully implemented, enabling social production to jump to higher efficiency; third, 5G makes the deep integration of human sensory systems and intelligent terminals possible. The assistance of autonomous driving, exoskeleton equipment, and even brain-computer interface technology will further break through the bottleneck of human physical strength and intelligence, and help human ability to extend to a higher level.

Previously, China Mobile has released the “5G+” plan. “China Mobile will deeply implement the ‘5G+’ plan, become the main force in the construction of a network power, digital China, and a smart society, and strive to become the backbone of 5G development.” Yang Jie said.

He said that since the implementation of the “5G+” plan, China Mobile has made significant progress in many aspects: First, adhere to the standard first. China Mobile led 50 key projects of 5G international standards, ranking first among global telecom operators; it led the formulation of 5G SA architecture standards, becoming the first mobile communication network architecture standard formulated by a Chinese enterprise. The second is to focus on industrial guidance. The company has set up a 5G joint innovation center and a 5G joint innovation industry fund. At present, there are more than 500 partners and a total fund size of 30 billion. It gathers resources from all parties and promotes the maturity of the 5G end-to-end industry. The third is the scientific deployment network. In 2019, China Mobile will provide 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities in China and build more than 50,000 5G base stations. So far, more than 5,000 5G base stations have been opened in Beijing. Fourth, strengthen business innovation. The company actively connects with national and local development plans, and conducts extensive practice in 100 demonstration application scenarios such as 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video live broadcast, driverless driving, smart buildings, and telemedicine.

“In the next step, China Mobile will implement the ‘5G+’ plan in depth to fully release the magnifying, superimposing and multiplying effects of 5G on economic and social development.” Yang Jie said that China Mobile will build three major categories: cloud-network integration, smart middle-station and security assurance capacity, deepen the intelligent upgrade of network capabilities; enable industrial integration, drive factor integration, promote management and intelligence, and help industrial transformation and kinetic energy upgrade; enrich business rights, product forms and business models, and promote the upgrade of information consumption experience; build service reputation and promote brand. Upgrade, strengthen joint promotion, and accelerate the upgrade of users’ full-scale services; innovate cooperation models, optimize cooperation processes, expand cooperation boundaries, and achieve ecological upgrades for open cooperation.

Promoting 5G to better serve people’s livelihood, economic and social development on a global scale requires the cooperation of all parties in the industry. In this regard, China Mobile proposes to jointly promote application innovation and scene integration to create a better digital life; jointly promote technological integration, industrial integration, and enable economic transformation and upgrading; jointly promote resource sharing, platform interconnection, and help society achieve balanced and full development; Promote standard unification, global mutual trust, and help build a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

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Author: Yoyokuo