In the future, the active medical monitoring function will be more comprehensive

The market size of China’s medical and health industry has maintained a compound annual growth rate of more than 20% in the past five years, and is expected to exceed 8 trillion yuan in 2020. In the future, around key technical fields such as wearable devices, health information platforms, modern sensing technology, intelligent control technology, anthropomorphic technology, and big data analysis and mining technology, there will be a revolutionary upgrade in the field of health care. Chen Jianming, Director of Renesas Electronics China Business Headquarters, Industrial Solutions Center, OA & ICT Department, believes that the direction of healthcare is from hospital to home, from diagnosis to prediction and even 24-hour continuous monitoring; hospitals focus on high-performance medical equipment As well as requiring a doctor’s examination/diagnosis, some daily blood pressure/blood sugar/pulse/temperature tests can be done at home, so that the limited medical resources of the hospital can be efficiently used to support more needy patients.

According to statistics from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, there are currently more than 260 million chronic disease patients in my country, accounting for more than 20% of the total population. The prevention of chronic diseases has become an important research project in health care. Vital signs are an important basis for judging the severity and danger of a patient’s condition, and vital sign monitoring has also become the main entry point for many companies to enter the field of health care. Chen Jianming said that by testing these blood pressure/blood sugar/pulse/temperature data at home, patients can judge the health of the body and prevent the occurrence of some diseases in time. From the hospital to the family, from passive treatment to active prevention, it has brought great opportunities for some household medical equipment markets such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, thermometers, etc. and some continuous monitoring equipment, but also brought some challenges.

Chen Jianming pointed out that Renesas Electronics has the following strategies in product strategic planning in response to such market trends: 1. For traditional sphygmomanometer / blood glucose meter / oximeter / heart rate detector applications, Renesas Electronics’ research and development direction is high integration. The single-chip solution integrates the controller (MCU) and the analog front end (AFE) together to integrate different analog front ends for different circuit applications. 2. 24-hour continuous monitoring, especially blood glucose monitoring, is slowly becoming a trend, and it is also a technical challenge for Renesas Electronics. This application requires products with a high degree of integration and high precision requirements. Renesas Electronics targets continuous blood glucose Measurement products are developing specific research and development programs.

In the field of smart medical care, Renesas Electronics has cooperated with some brand sphygmomanometer suppliers to develop sphygmomanometers with Bluetooth function. Users can intelligently measure blood pressure through mobile phones, and compare and analyze the measured data to see if normal. In the future, Renesas Electronics will develop more new products in the field of smart medical care.

Today, the big health industry is very hot. Under the national policy and health trend, many bigwigs have invested in the health industry. An important and visible driver of this is the aging of the population. Chen Jianming said that the aging of human society is an inevitable trend. After 2035, China’s population aging will have an explosive growth, which is an opportunity and a challenge for the healthcare industry. The opportunity is that the aging population dividend will have a great increase in the demand for medical services and equipment.


But at the same time, it is also a challenge. The challenge is whether medical equipment products are sufficiently advanced and intelligent to effectively treat and monitor patients, and whether medical services can keep up. Renesas Electronics is not only committed to the research and development of traditional products such as blood pressure, blood glucose and blood oxygen, but also for some large medical equipment such as monitors/blood analyzers, etc., has developed leading-edge high-definition output that can support 2 channels and LVDS/DIGITAL. RGB MPU products. And a continuous blood glucose/blood pressure measurement solution is being developed.

Chen Jianming further mentioned that China’s aging population has increased the rapid growth and urgency of the demand for health-related products, and Renesas also sees huge business opportunities from passive treatment to active prevention. In product strategic planning, we focus on the research and development of highly integrated microprocessors and analog front-end chips to provide single-chip solutions with more miniaturization and high performance. At the same time, Renesas Electronics is also preparing for the market promotion of the Disease Prediction solution based on the concept of embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), and provides suitable application solutions in line with the era of big health.

Author: Yoyokuo